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JILL DAVIES (CYT) has studied with Marni Task, Tiffany Fraser and many wonderful teachers in both
Cleveland and San Francisco. She completed Marni’s teacher training and has been practicing Yoga for over
10 years.  Jill draws inspiration from her experience with Iyengar, Anusara and Jivamukti Yoga to create a
nurturing and powerful alignment oriented class.

MARCIA HUDGEL (CYT, RYT) has been intrigued by yoga since opening an Iyengar book in the early
1990's.  She knew for years that she wanted to teach yoga someday, and after living out West for several
years, she met and studied with Marni Task, receiving her 200 hr certificate in February 2010.  She tries to
keep her classes light hearted and fun while teaching proper alignment and movement with breath.  

NANCY LYNCH (RYT) is drawn to yoga as a spiritual practice - a moving meditation that unites body, mind
and spirit through breath, resulting in a transformational change both on and off the mat.  Her compassionate
and powerful classes focus on proper alignment to build strength and flexibility safely. With student
permission, Nancy incorporates Reiki and Healing Touch energy work in her teaching to further assist
students on their yogic journey.  She encourages self-exploration and discovery, inspiring her students to
accept themselves where they are as they are without judgement.

JENNY ROBBLE (CYT) began yoga to aid in the recovery of a back injury and quickly fell in love with the
physical benefits as well as the mental.  She has now had a dedicated yoga and meditation practice for seven
years.  She is a recent graduate of Marni Task's teacher training.  Her classes aim to create an empowering,
fun, judgement free environment for students of all levels.

HAYLEIGH ROBERTSON (CYT) is a recent grad of Marni's teacher training.  Her classes are focused on
prper alignment and gentle flow from pose to pose.  She likes to keep class light hearted and non-
competitive, offering many alternatives to poses to remind her student they have complete control over their
own practice.  Hayleigh is in school to become a massage therapist and plans to pursue a certificate to teach
yoga to women who have experienced trauma.

AMY RUNNELS (E-RYT 500) Amy completed her Advanced Training with Yoga Works, New York.  She is
also certified in prenatal, postpartum and parent/child yoga.  In addition to her mentors, Jenny Aurthur, Jodie
Rufty and Rama Nina Patella, Amy has been blessed to explore numerous facets of her practice with
teachers like Alan Finger, Desiree Rumbaugh, Genny Kapuler, Glen Black, Sri Pattabhi Jois, and Srivatsa
Ramaswami.  She is now enjoying her journey with local teachers including Ginny Nadler and Marni Task.  
Her classes blend precise alignment and fluid breath to create a strong, spacious body and peaceful mind.

NATHAN SPAGNOLA (CYT) Nathan's yogic journey has been one of adventure.  He has had spiritual
experiences renging from visiting a grizzly bear sanctuary near Alaska where he encountered  a spirit bear in
the wild to training with Sri Dharma Mittra and Sri Andrei Ram.  Nathan travels to locations like New York city,
Costa Rica, and Columbia to learn from these masters in order to further his own spiritual growth and to bring
their teaching back to his students.  He has been practicing yoga for 5 years, has been experimenting with
qigong for 11 years, and has been meditating since he was 14 years old.  Nathan was a collegiate pole
vaulter, has his masters degree in statistics, and loves being outside longboarding or connecting with nature.  
In the end, every experience is a chance to learn and to grow - to evolve and claim the freedon and peace of
mind we all deserve.  Unite with your inner most self, you inner most truth.

ERICA STEINWEG (RYT) has been teaching yoga to children and adults for over a decade.  She holds a
certificate in the Iyengar method of yoga and a BFA in dance.  In her classes, she draws from many sources
of wisdom, including insight meditation practices, to help each student move with greater awareness,
precision, and acceptance.

MARNI TASK (CYT, RYT) has been teaching yoga since 1995.  She is a Senior Certified Jivamukti Yoga
Teacher, as well as an Anusara Inspired Instructor.  She continues her studies with her Gurus/Yoga parents
Sharon Gannnon and David Life the creators of Jivamukti.  She is immersed in and inspired by the Anusara
Teacher certification process with her other beloved teacher John Friend.
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